Look at My Boy....

...isn't he cute (yes, I know I'm biased)? It's so hard for me to believe that he was ever this little!! I love this page. This was his first ice cream cone ever, and he didn't know what the heck we had in front of him. He certainly wasn't sure if he wanted to eat it. Once he figured out it tasted good, though, there was no holding him back. It's amazing how fast he's grown. I'm so glad we took these pictures. I forget how his little face looked, and what things he was learning, and these photos are bringing it all back. It's so nice to look at these and relive those moments.

If you have time this weekend, I'd encourage you to find some photos you love and scrap them. This is why we all scrapbook, right? To look back in time and remember why we took our photos in the first place.

Another reason I created this page was to help out one of my scrapping pals, Sam Barrett. She created a digital overlay grid and asked some of her friends to try it out and see how we liked it. I generally use templates, so I sort of created a template that more or less fit into her grid so she could see how others might make a layout with it. Thanks a bunch, Sam, for letting me try it out.

If you like Sam's overlay grid, here is the post on her blog about it.

Enjoy your day...:)


  1. It's really cute and so is he!! I love looking back at older photos and remembering. :)

  2. Such a sweet page!
    My problems with older photos are that I had such crappy cameras way back when (mostly disposables) so any cute photo looks not so cute :(

  3. adorable layout!! And great "grid" design!

  4. He is so cut!!!! wow! love those photos and your layout is great.

  5. Love this page! Just perfect for those photos! And, yeah, he's awfully cute! :D