Friday, December 9, 2016

My Favorite Holiday Fonts

Whenever I do a Christmas album, I usually go on the hunt for great fonts.  I search my crazy, oversized collection on my laptop (my husband mocks me because I have over 1000 of them), and often go online to find more.  I just can't resist going to free font websites and seeing what's new, because awesome font creators release new goodies nearly everyday.  Here is my latest videos on my favorite fonts I'm using for my holiday projects:

My all-time favorite place to find free fonts:  Dafont

Another great one: 1001 Free Fonts

There's also: Font Squirrel

Of course, there are more places to find free fonts, but these are the ones I frequent the most.  A Google search will Probably find you several more.  Here are links to the fonts I mentioned in my video:

Here's some samples of it on the blue card below,  as well as two Journal Your Christmas pages I did:

I used it here as a page title along the side:

This one comes in regular and bold styles, and both are great for journaling:

Since I just found this one, and hadn't had a chance to use it on a project, I made up a sample journaling block so you could see how awesome this font is: 

Thanks for taking time to read this post, and I hope you are enjoying this wonderful holiday season!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's Almost Time for Holiday Themed Albums Again...

...are you excited abut this prospect?  Or overwhelmed by it?  I'm excited about it, and can't wait to jump in again.  I chose not to do Journal Your Christmas or any holiday themed album last year, simply because I was going through some stuff and was just emotionally exhausted.  So whether or not you are joining in with the crowds doing themed holiday albums this year, I feel you either way.  I hope however you choose to celebrate this season, you'll find a method that brings you a measure of peace and happiness.

Since I am doing an album this year, I decided to go hunting for a Christmas kit that would work well for Journal Your Christmas, which means I want more than just the standard papers and embellishments --- I also want to find a number set for each day of the holiday season, unique color combinations, some awesome templates to keep the process simple but still fun, and I want a decent mix of solid and patterned papers.  I made a video about the best kits I found that meet this criteria.  I hope you'll watch if you have the time:

Also, I decided that it would be easier to put the links for all the kits I featured (and some others that didn't make it into my video, but are still worth checking out) here on the blog.  I hope this helps you as you do your shopping for digital goodies.  I haven't started my foundation pages yet, which is unusual for me, but that's OK.  I will just jump in tonight or tomorrow with some new digital goodies. Here are the links to the stores/kits I think are best suited to this type of project.  Happy shopping!

From the LilyPad Digital Scrapbooking Store:

DYD 2015 6x8 Mega Template Album kit by Just Jaimee

Holly Days Kits by Amy Wolf

Other LilyPad kits to consider:

(has the look of stitched 6 x 8 sheet protectors --- so cool!)

Kits at the Digital Press:

Once Upon a Christmas: Collection by Anita Designs & Wishing Well Designs

Honorable Mentions:

(8.5 x 11 templates; could be modified to fit the current year)

Kits at Sweet Shoppe Designs: 

Other great kits at Sweet Shoppe: 
(while not technically a holiday themed template kit, it would lend itself easily to a December Album.  There are 15 - 6 x 8 templates for about $5 --- that's a great deal!)
From Digital Scrapbook Ingredients:
(Neither of these are full kits, but might work well with kits you already have)

Kits featuring other December Holidays: 

I'm so glad you stopped by today, and here's wishing that we all have an joyous holiday season! 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Using the iPad Pro + Apple Pencil as a Pen Tablet for Digital Scrapbookers

My husband recently gifted me with a new 9.7 in. iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil to go with it.  At first, I wasn't sure what the heck I'd do with the pencil...I didn't know if I'd do more with it than use it to click around with as I navigated between apps on my iPad.

One night, he and I were talking about my old Wacom Bamboo Tablet, and I was wondering if I could still find drivers for it, since it's getting to be an older device now.  We started talking about the idea of me using my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil as a pen tablet...I just needed an app to enable that functionality.

He had used an app called Duet at work, and thought it would be a good one for me to try, so I gave it a go.  It worked pretty well, as you can see from the the video demo I linked for you above.  I'm also kind of intrigued by Astropad, which I'm trying to decide if I want to buy or not, so that may be an option for some of you if you choose not go with Duet.

It took me a little longer this time to get this video ready, because I had a bit of trouble with the Apple Pencil, as it was giving me serious writer's cramp.  I also wasn't sure which angle to set my iPad at to be used most comfortably.

In the end, I decided to lay the iPad down flat, and used a couple of accessories with the iPad to help make the experience more comfortable, and now using it is a snap.  Granted, this set up only works with Apple Devices as far as I know, but if you have these goodies on hand anyway, you are all set and have a pen tablet at the ready the next time you want to scrap with one!

Let me know what you think of the video, and if you think you'll try using your iPad Pro as a pen tablet...I'd love to get your input on how the experience went for you.

Aside from my MacBook, iPad and Apple Pencil, here is a list of the supplies I used in my video:

Mudder Tablet Drawing Artist Glove

Ztylus Apple Pencil Case

Summer Mini Template:  unfortunately, it's discontinued.  But, here is a link to Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's stencil page on  There are a few face stencils on this page your could easily use instead: Julie's templates at

Procreate App

Beep Beep Digital kit by Jen Allyson: Discontinued.  Here is another very similar Digital kit on the same theme by Kim Jensen at the Lilypad: City Streets Elements kit  
and City Streets Papers

I think that is everything --- so if any of you have questions, comments or constructive feedback, feel free to holler!  I know I've probably forgotten some things I wanted to include in the video, so ask away if you have further questions.

Thanks for stopping by today!