Monday, October 17, 2016

Five Great Reasons To Try Digital Scrapbooking

I made a video in response to questions I've had from other scrapbookers over the years about why I switched to digital scrapping, and thought I would share why I love and enjoy it so much:

If you aren't one for leaving comments on YouTube, feel free to comment here about what your thoughts are about digital scrapbooking...I'd love to hear any constructive comments.

Also, if you need the link to the Adobe PSE free trial, here it is: Free trial for PSE15

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Using Photoshop Brushes on a Layout

You guys wanna see how easy and fun it is to use brushes on a digital scrapbook page?  If so, then I have a helpful video for you on how to do just that.  It's a follow up of my previous one, where I demonstrated how to either load or install brushes.

To create this page, I used Mye De Leon's Fleeting kit, which is so fun and pretty:

I also used this add on brush kit of hers to demo using brushes to create part of a title:

And, last but not least, I also incorporated some of these fun tapes from this coordinating add on kit:

All three of these great kits can be found at the Snap Click Supply Online Store, if you are interested in picking up these kits or any others. 

Here's the video, if you like it and wouldn't mind, then give it a thumbs up on YouTube and subscribe to my channel.  I would love to have you as followers: 

Also, as a thank you for watching my video and visiting my blog, I have a free template download for you.  I recreated the bones of my layout into templates --- there's one in 8.5 x 11 and another in the 12 x 12 size. 

Thanks again, for taking time to be here.  Have a wonderful day!!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Video: Loading vs. Installing Brushes

Here's a video on my thoughts about installing and loading brushes, as well as the advantages to each method.

I hope you guys enjoy watching this --- I think Photoshop Brushes don't get all the love they deserve.  You can do so many cool things with them, and you are limited only by your imagination!  Here are some of my favorite ways to use brushes in PSE:

 Painty splats made with brushes can be awesome and unique ways to ground a photo, and it's nice variety from using standard photo mats.

Another fun use is to to ink or paint up the edges of a patterned or solid paper, like I did here with the aqua cardstock: 

Brushes can also add fun texture to a page that needs that little extra "something to make a page feel finished.  On this "Speed Racer" page,  I used a brush that looks like tire tread marks to reinforce the theme of the page.

In a few more days, I will have a video that will talk you through the process of creating a new layout using brushes, and it will show you how fun and easy they are to work with.

Let me know what you think of the video and/or this post.

I appreciate you stopping by and have a great day!