Monday, January 16, 2017

Beginner Handlettering on a Layout

If you've looked around the web lately, it seems like there has been an explosion of hand lettered items...fonts, invitations that have been hand lettered, instructional books on how to do it, and more.

And, if you have been on Pinterest in the last 6 months, bullet journaling, and hand lettering in those journals is all over it.  I have been dying to try lettering since then, and decided to just plow ahead and give it a shot.

Obviously, I am just starting out as a beginner, and I in no way stating that I have this skill down or that I'm an expert in any way, shape or form.  I am willing to learn, and decided to take you along as I made my first scrapbook page with a handwritten element on it (the word "snow" on the layout above). 

Even though my hand is shaky, and I know it will take a lot more practice, I'm really enjoying this process.  And I know that as I go along, I'll get better hopefully can share what I learn.

Here's the video I created showing how I made my hand lettering.  Please note that I used my Apple Pencil, iPad Pro, and the Procreate app to use do this word art.  I then imported it as a .psd file from Procreate and sent it to myself in an email.

Digital Kit used:  Arctic Exploration Kit by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals:

 Here's a list of awesome hand lettering blogs you should check out:

Hello Brio
Random Olive
The Postman's Knock  (focuses a bit more on calligraphy, but there are some brush lettering resources as well)
Dawn Nicole Blog

I hope you guys find this helpful...and if you feel so inclined, would you let me know if you are a hand letterer?  Have you ever tried it?  Let me know!

Talk to you all later,

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My Christmas Album Pages for 2016


I recently finished up Journal Your Christmas, and wanted to show you the completed pages.  Please note that I am only sharing the pages right now...I figured I would do a separate post about getting the pages printed and into a book or album at a later date.

The key to getting an album like this done is keeping it simple.  As I mentioned in my earlier post about holiday albums,  I used a set of 6 x 8 templates and a set of Christmas kits I picked out ahead of time (I will provide links to these products down below).

When it came time to make each day's page, I just opened a template in PSE, saved it as a new file, plopped in any papers and embellishments I wanted to use, and added journaling.

A few years back, I made a font of my own handwriting.  This is pretty handy when you want to include your own writing, but are short on time.  This is another tool in my arsenal that helps me get my pages done quickly and easily.

If you are interested in turning your handwriting into a font, here are a couple of sites that allow you to do so.  One of the sites provides this service for free, and the site requires payment.  I included both so my readers could choose the one that suits their needs.



Here's my latest video, with a slide show of each of the layouts I did for this project.  I hope you'll watch and get a feel for how the pages all tie together.

If you want to get a better look at each of the pages, you can find them at either of these two places:

JYC 2016 Photo Album on my Facebook Page
My Scrapbook dot com gallery

Here are the page kits I used:

DYD 6 x 8 Templates by Just Jaimee

Holly Days Advent Calendar Kit by Amy Wolff:


Holly Days Element Pack:

Holly Days Paper Pack:

List of Fonts used on my layouts:

Tangie Momraths: part of this font package
 2Peas Gift
LDJ Knuckle Type
Cry Kitty
Impact Label Font (I used a different labelmaker font that is no longer available, but this one is a close substitute for it)
Thirsty Script
Autumn in November
Penelope Anne
Bebas Neue
Grutch Shaded

Wow...that's 19 fonts!  I did warn you that I was a font junkie, right?

Anyhow...I appreciate you stopping by here, and I hope you found some inspiration you can use in your own holiday album or project.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Simple and Elegant Gift Tags

When I get really busy during the holidays, I find that the best thing to do is to stop what I'm doing, and make a little time to craft something.  I've also learned that if I focus on a smaller project rather than a big one, I feel more relaxed and more satisfied with what I've made when the project is finished.  It's one little way that I slow myself down and enjoy this time of year, which is great for letting go of that holiday stress. 

My latest YouTube video shows you how fun and easy these little tags are.  I hope you'll give it a watch: 

Here's a list of the supplies I used to make these cute little goodies.  And just a little disclaimer:  If I cannot find a link to the supplies below, or they are discontinued, I will link you up to other projects that are similar and would work just fine in their place. 

And, as always:  if you prefer to use items from your stash, do it!  I'm a big proponent of using what we already have.  

Traditional Supplies: 

American Crafts Red Ribbon (this is a close substitution)
Clear Scraps Shapes & Albums (not all the shapes I used are there, but some of them are)
Clear Scraps At Scrapbook dot com (they have some shaker and chipboard shapes that could be used for this, too)
Baker's Twine (This is a pretty good deal for all of these spools)
A standard sized hole punch  (found at most office supply stores)
A black gel or writer pen, if you want to write on "to" and "from" (not pictured)

I have some blue ribbon, some photo squares, and some adhesive pearls in the picture, but they ended up not making it into this project, FYI.

Here's another picture of the tags, as well as a couple of gifts I attached them to: 

I hope you like these tags, and will make some of your own, even if it is just for your own enjoyment!

Thanks for taking time from your day to take a look...:)