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Plan With Me For December 2017

Hello everyone and how is your December going?  I hope your holiday season is enjoyable for you so far, no matter what special day(s) your are celebrating.   This month is busy for me, as expected, but it has been pleasant at the same time.  And, because I want this season to remain a happy time and not get too crazy, I decided to keep my bullet journal simple with fewer entries.  And, like last month, my spreads may look a bit atypical.  I won't have any weekly logs and have replaced them with other types of entries that work better for me at this time.

I used the Holiday Memories Planner Stickers Digital kit, by Little Bit Shoppe, on some of these spreads. You can find this store at the DigiChick digital scrapbooking site.   You can watch my planning video here:

If you'd like a good look at my pages,  here you go:

My holiday "brain dump" page will stand in for my weekly spreads.  I would rather just have a place to write down things I think of spontaneously and need to get done.  This list will be comprised of non-Christmas tasks, appointments, and other things that I need to remember and get done.  None of the weeks in December will be like my "normal" weekdays, I think I will find it easier to just have one place to write down things I want to do during the month.

This is another spread that I think will serve me better than weekly spreads this time around.  I have a running to do list of things related to the holidays that I want to get done.  Having my holiday tasks separate from my everyday chores and appointments helps me to not feel so overwhelmed, and I can check them off as I go. 

Additionally, when I get bogged down between daily and holiday to do lists, I often forget fun things I want to do like watch my favorite Christmas movies and shows, and making treats with the kids often goes out the window.   I'm glad to have this written down in one spot so the fun stuff won't get neglected. 

I love advent calendars and counting down the days, so I couldn't resist putting one in my BuJo.   I decided to write down one scripture a day through Christmas.  If scriptures are not your thing, you could easily write down a holiday quote daily, or holiday song lyrics, or your favorite things about the holidays.  This page spread is easy to customize. 

Remember when I said I would be doing fewer spreads?  Well, that's all of them for now. 

My goal for my next blog post is to show you how I'm setting up my Journal Your Christmas album for the 2017 season.  Stay tuned for that and it's coming as soon as I can pull it all together!

Enjoy the magic of this great time of year!

November 2017 Bullet Journal Flip Through

Hey guys!  Do you ever get the itch to just tackle a project that has been bugging you?  It doesn't happen everyday for me, but when that urge hits, I know it's time to follow to go with it!  In late October and most of November, I was on a mission to edit my closet...or purge it of stuff I wasn't wearing or didn't need...or dejunk it.  However you want to put it, I knew it was time to give it a good cleaning.  

I spent time deciding if I wanted to do a capsule wardrobe (see my wardrobe Pinterest Board Here), or if I wanted to make it a little smarter and easier to work with.  In the end, I just couldn't bring myself to do a capsule wardrobe.  I felt like I would get super bored with such a small collection of clothes. 

I didn't know exactly where to start, but I was lucky enough to find two great bloggers who gave me some direction.  

You can watch my video or get more info from what I've shared below the video window: 

The first blogger I found is Rebecca Jacobs. 
If you sign up to receive her emails, you can get a free style worksheet.  It takes you through some exercizes to figure out what your personal style is, and I found it to be so helpful.  Although her intention is for you to print the worksheet and write on it, I simply took her questions and ideas and used them on pages I created in my bullet journal.  While my pages don't look like hers, the content is the same.  I enjoyed having them in my journal rather than having to go to a separate document in another app.   I like going back and looking at these spreads when I'm out shopping and can't remember what items I still need to buy.  Here's what I came up with for these pages:

This spread was all about brainstorming things I liked, including colors, fabrics, looks, etc.  Based on the word cloud, I wrote down what is at the core of my own style, and what clothes I feel confident in, and so on.  I highly recommend you get the workbook if you'd like to revamp your closet.

This spread with the pie chart helps me identify the activities in my life and the clothes that go along with it.  I'm a stay at home mom, so obviously, business suits and work wear won't fit my lifestyle, at least not at this point in my journey.  The green section of the pie chart is dedicated to being a mom, and then the other smaller areas of my life are the other pieces of the pie.  I wrote down a list of what clothes are and are not comfy for me and my where I am right now.

For this next set of pages, I used a wardrobe guide that you can find on Corinna's blog, Now That I Can Do, Mama!  I was so thrilled to find this blog, because it is for moms who want to look, feel and dress nice.   I love Corinna's approach because she isn't telling busy women to take hours to get ready, to deal with a fussy system, or spend crazy amounts of money on a wardrobe.  She encourages moderation, thrift, and keeping things doable.

One of the first things you'll see when you visit her blog is a free year round wardrobe guide that you can download for free.  This PDF file will guide you through finding pieces to make a cute, stylish wardrobe that is also comfortable and practical for the everyday life of a mom.  This guide is only a preview, but you can purchase the full guide from Corinna.  I opted to buy the guide and I really enjoy it.  I used the shopping guide and the wardrobe plane to make the spread above.  I chose a main color scheme along with neutral and accent color groupings to help me create a cohesive wardrobe.  

I could have done this all on a paper print out of her plan, but I used the print out to brainstorm and get my ideas down, then I transferred my final shopping list, color schemes, and other notes here in my journal.  I don't want to have to worry about losing papers or having to store them somewhere.

This was the sole weekly spread I made for November.  I am really proud of this one and love the color combo especially.   I didn't make other weekly spreads simply because I was so immersed in going through my closet.  I decided to let my bullet journal reflect what I was most interested at the time.

Here's my calendar/What I got done page.  I'm still really liking this format so far!

And last but not least, I also kept my monthly memories page.  November didn't seem like a busy month at first, but when I look back on this spread, I can see I was on the go a lot!  Maybe that's why it seemed to go by really quickly!

That should do it for this post.  Let me know what you guys think of these pages.  Did you like it?  Was it too weird for you?   Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. 

I always appreciate you taking time to read my content.  Have a wonderful day!

Plan With Me --- October 2017

Here I am, showing you my BuJo spreads for another month!  And don't fret if you are wanting digital layouts or hybrid cards...I promise those are coming as well!  But for now, here's my latest video:

Now, if you want a better look at each of my spreads, just keep reading. 

 Here are my first two weekly spreads for the month of October.  I've followed similar formats before, but remixed them with little ideas I had along the way, like the swirly box headings I added to the lower layout.  Lettering styles I used from my Pinterest board include Coeur (top spread) and Skinny Letters (lower layout).

As usual, I'm showing you this month's gratitude log and doodles.  Just to let you know, I created a printable that I used for this month's gratitude log...stay tuned for details on how to get that printable goody in an upcoming video and blog post.  I'm excited to share more about that!  

My doodles for this month are still based on Erin's prompts from her blog, The Petite Planner.  Instead of drawing out my grid, I downloaded one from her resource library.  You need to sign up for her email list, which you can do here.
This doodle sheet had a title, but I cropped it out in Morpholio and made my own heading, because I wanted to include my own hand lettering.  If the thought of hand lettering makes you queasy, you will probably prefer to keep the lovely lettered title that's already on the sheet.  

And finally, here is my spread for my October Memories. 

I just kind of quickly lettered the title --- it's not based off any lettering style I found online.  The monthly memories spreads are my favorite.  I love being able to look back and see what things made the month special. 

Thanks a ton for stopping by to read my post and enjoy your day!

Plan With Me --- September 2017

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the change of seasons.  Here in Idaho, there's lots of beautiful Fall color going on:

Here are my page spreads for September.  I hope you enjoy them.  I will include appropriate links for any items and/or products I used on my spreads (or any borrowed ideas I incorporated).  I always try to give credit to others who have inspired me.

 First up is my September calendar, and in place of a habit tracker, I decided just to leave a space to write some things I accomplished this month.  I thought it might be more encouraging to actually record my successes instead of trying to keep up with a habit tracker.  I often forgot to fill in the tracker or got frustrated because I didn't get as much done as I hoped, so I decided to give it a rest for now.  I felt a lot more productive and positive seeing what I got done, rather than what I didn't.

Lettering Style Used for the Gratitude Log Title: Love Stamps
Where to find the September 17th Oodles of Doodles: Sept. 2017 Oodles of Doodles

 Here is what I did for my gratitude log, Oodles of Doodles challenge, and my August memories.  It was especially fun to document the eclipse!  I wasn't sure if I'd be able to draw the sun with the corona, but I think it turned out pretty good!

Here is a link to my pinterest board that shows the lettering style I used for my title on this page: title lettering style

And, for my mood tracker, I decided to change it up again, so I went with another linear format.  I had a light bulb moment where I remembered that abacuses (or abaci?)  are a great way to show a linear record of something, so I came up with my own abacus after looking at google images and deciding what type I wanted to draw.  It's fun, but it's also super easy to see which of my moods are predominating.

Lettering style used on my September Memories Page: Nova Lettering Style

 The last spread I wanted to share with you guys is the one I'm the most proud of.  I came up with the idea on my own.    I decided to make one of my weekly Spreads with a school theme, and for each of the blocks I created for a day of the week, I made it look like a torn piece of spiral notebook paper:

Check out the video I posted to get a better idea of how I created the torn edges:

Also, I said that I would write down the colors I used from each palette in the Morpholio App in case you wanted to recreate this yourself:

Purple: from the Engineering color scheme (it's the only purple in that grouping).
Orange: from the Automotive color scheme (in the second row, the second color from the right edge).
Red: find it in the Automotive scheme (in the the first row, just after the darkest black).
Yellow: from the Diagrams scheme (first row, third color from the left).
Blue:  find it in the Comic Art scheme(second row, the only blue in that grouping)
White: You'll see it in the first color scheme at the top of the Palettes tool, in the grouping called "Trace."  It's the only white there.
Light Blue lines on Notebook paper: this color's in the Engineering scheme.  You'll see it on the second row of hues, right after the lime green color.
Black:  also from the Trace color scheme.
Faint gray used to create paper tears: The very first color in the Automotive palette. 

Alright then, guys!  I hope you are enjoying bullet journaling this month, and feel free to contact me with any questions.  Let me know what has been working well in your bullet journal this month.

Thanks again for being here!

August 2017 - Plan With Me

It's making my head spin to think that August is here already...and while we're on that subject,  where did the summer go?  It seems like it's shorter and shorter each year and we stay so busy.  With my kids getting older and going more places nowadays,  there's never a dull moment.   I need my digital BuJo more than ever right now, especially since the kids will be in school before I know it.

My latest planning video is here for you:

Here are links to some of my Pinterest boards and pins that were mentioned in the video:

All of My Pinterest Boards
My Bullet Journal Inspiration Pinterest board
Hand Lettering Pinterest Board
Pin With Mood Tracker
Doodle Challenge by the Petite Planner

I'm posting photos of the journal spreads I included in the video, in case you wanted to get a better look at them.  I hope you enjoy seeing what I did, and since I didn't include a habit tracker on the page opposite the month of August, feel free to leave a suggestion on what you think would make a good replacement.

Let me know how you like these pages, and I'd be curious to see what you are doing in your bullet journal this month.  Have a great day and happy Planning!