Friday, April 14, 2017

April 2017 Bullet Journal Setup/Walkthrough

Hello, everyone!  I set up my bullet journal spreads for this month, so I'm sharing them today.  I'm still not sure if I would prefer to share at the beginning of a new month, or a flip through at the end of the month.  We will see how it goes...:)

If you are interested, the flip through video is below:

If you don't have time to watch, then you can just look at the spreads I've done so far:

In case you didn't see my last video, one of the things I'm doing to improve as a person is to take a weekly inventory of how I'm doing as a person, and my husband and I go over our progress together for the week.  I wanted to show you one that was not filled out so you could see my format. 
The lettering style I used on the word "yourself" is one you can find on Pinterest if you want to try it out for yourself:  messy alphabet

 Here is one of my weekly spreads...pretty self explanatory, but I wanted to show you the cool lettering I used here...another one I found online (can remember where I found this lettering style, but I will link it if I find out).

Alright guys, that's all for now!  Holler if you have suggestions or requests for bullet journal posts. enjoy your day.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

March 2017 Digital Bullet Journal Walk Through

Hey everyone!

Back in February when I posted about starting up a Digital Bullet Journal, I was really surprised by the number of views that video got on my YouTube's been my most popular video yet!

Since this topic is so well received, I thought I would try making more videos and maybe make it a regular feature here, on the channel, and my social media pages if I think there's enough interest.  I am so loving my digital BuJo and how it's a fun creative outlet and a flexible planning system.

Here is the video:

I included a few of my favorite page spreads, if you wanna get a better look at them.  The pink and green self-assessment spread wasn't included in the video simply to save time, so I thought I would show it here with the other pages I'm sharing here:

 This is one of my weekly log spreads.  It's pretty simple...still not sure if I want to change the design of my weekly entries or not...but it works for now.

 One of my favorites is this monthy memories spread.  I was really proud of myself for drawing my city's little skyline.

 I love how this one turned out!  The gratitude log is so great for helping me to see all the good in my life, and who knew my little doodles would turn out better than I expected? 

 My self-eval pages are fun for me to design.  This is the one that didn't make it into
the video.  I blurred the words for privacy purposes, but this still lets you see more of the page.  I'm finding that drawing myself some nice straight lines with my Apple Pencil and the ruler tool keeps everything looking so much neater.

Again, if you are interested, I'm using the Morpholio Journal App on my iPad as my digital bullet journal, and use the habit tracker that can be downloaded from the Boho Berry Tribe Page.

Thanks again for visiting!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Create A Cool Title Treatment (Like This One!)

One thing many people overlook in regards to Photoshop Elements is that not every technique is complicated or requires a lot of steps.  The title treatment I used here so simple to create and requires the use of only two tools in Elements.  It looks difficult, but takes only minutes to do.  Watch the video I made and see how you can make a title similar to this one:

The kit I used is so beautiful, and it's called Lavender and Lace by SeaTrout Scraps.  You can purchase the kit bundle here: Lavender and Lace Collection.  You can see the kit contents below:

Font used:
Saloon Regular and Always in My Heart

If you guys like this technique and you try it, leave me a link to the site where you posted it. I'd love to see! 

Thanks reading my post and I'll see you guys soon!