May 2018 Plan With Me

Hey guys!  How is your month going so far?  I'm glad May is here, and I can see some fun things coming my way, as well as some difficult things I will have to work my way through this month.  

As Mother's Day approaches, I find myself both thankful for the blessing it is to raise my children, and the sadness for the things that are testing my mettle as a mom and a person.  I remind myself that the bad things will pass, hopefully there are enough good things that are going on with my family, and that we will end up better people in the end.  If you have a mom in your life, please celebrate and honor her, whether you celebrate Mother's Day or not.  She will love you for it.  

In the midst of everything I have going on, having a bullet journal to plan things out will help me have the most positive and productive month I can.  

If this is your first visit to my blog, welcome!  Just an FYI, I use the following for digital bullet journaling: 
iPad Pro & Apple Pencil

If you'd like to watch my video on this month's planning, here's the video: 

Here are my page spreads for this month.  At this point, I have only a few to share.  There will be more later on, as I'm taking another BuJo doodling class.  I hope you'll check back for more pages as the month goes on. 

Weekly page spreads: 

I wanted to throw this one in here, showing a better way to use my Bitmoji avatar, since the last one was a bit smaller than I intended.  I made the Bitmoji a larger and more prominent in the page design here and like this a lot better.   If you wanna see how I created stickers with my Bitmoji, check out last month's post.

On the spread I made for last week,  I really wanted to add in a circular shape of some sort, so this is what I tried out.  It was a bit of struggle, since I've not figured out a great way to use a standard template that one might use on paper, and Morpholio doesn't have any circle shapes available to use in the app.  In any event, I still had fun with it.  The flower shapes are from the Boho Berry Tribe Resource Library.  Kara, the blogger who offers those resources, has some great stuff that you can use in your digital journals.  I highly recommend you check her out. 

Here is this week's spread...which I tried a little experiment with.  Part of it I really like, and part of it I feel like could be better.  However, I also realize that not every spread needs to be an award winner, and that my BuJo is a perfect place to try things out and it's not a big deal if things don't work out the way I expected.  It was a fun thing for me to use hexagons, and in the future I'll try again and improve on this.  The colors are awesome and it was fun trying it out. 

For my memories and calendar pages, I decided to limit each of them to one page.  April was super busy and I spent time doing a lot of basic things to keep my household running, and had some deadlines to meet.  It was much easier to just use one page each for these two items.   The memories page is all my work, and I hand drew the calendar grid, lettering and numbers myself.  The "May" word art and the two washi tape strips are also from the Boho Berry Resource library.  It was so cool working those into my calendar page. 

 I'm including another packing list, since I'm heading to an art journaling retreat near the end of the month.  Can you tell I'm loving my Bitmojis?  There isn't a ton on this page right now, but I don't want to fill too much in until I get my list items written down.  I'll give you another peek next month when the page is finished. 

Ok, guys...that will do it for now.  I hope to be back soon with another post.  Thanks for being here and letting me share my words and creations with you.  Have a nice day!

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