Plan With Me --- April 2018

Hello everyone, and I hope all of you who celebrate Easter had a blessed and joyous holiday!  I'm back with this month's entries in my digital bullet journal.  If you guys are interested,  here's this month's video:

Also, I like to include a closer look at each page spread here on the blog if you guys wanna see them in more detail than you can see on the video.  As always, click on any picture you want a larger view of.

I'm starting with a packing list layout I made last month before my hubby and I celebrated our anniversary:

Over the last year,  I've found that writing my packing lists in my BuJo works better than other methods I've tried.  I remember more of the things I want to bring, and forget items I want to bring less.  My hubby and I took a few days away without the kids to celebrate this milestone.  I think this one is the best to date because I used a few more categories than I have in the past and it was easier to get things packed as I went.  Plus, I decided to try drawing some make up and skin care doodles, which I was unsure about, but I think they turned out great!

Before I started into April's entries, I documented the craziness of March:

I didn't feel quite satisfied with this one...with one of the kids had surgery twice and between taking care of her, the rest of the kids being out for spring break, and celebrating my anniversary, there wasn't much spare time to work in my BuJo or create drawings.  This page is more word art than anything, but that was my month!  March went quickly and I felt a bit overwhelmed, so I guess you can see how real life creeps into a bullet journal.

I tried a new design for this month's calendar: 

Even though it takes a bit longer, I enjoy creating a calendar that spreads across two pages.   I like the restfulness of the negative space between the boxes and how easily the eye goes across the page.  The wavy lines are awesome, and I also love the look of the dashed outlines (the second picture is zoomed in so you can see how fun the detail is).

Because so much was going on, I didn't get a page spread for the first week of April, so I decided to just skip to the following week and get that one done.  I opted to keep it was important to get the spread done and ready to use rather than trying to come up with a fancy layout.  

One thing I did do that was fun was to add my Bitmoji avatar to the notes section of this spread.  
This is not my original idea --- I watched a video by Kara, from Boho Berry about creating and using digital stickers in your digital BuJo.  You can watch her video to learn how to do this. 

Since I'm not using the same app as her, I simply chose to to into the Bitmoji app, copy some of my Bitmojis into a folder in my camera roll,  then bring them into Morpholio Journal as I do other types of photos.  Resizing and placing them into my digital BuJo is tricky sometimes, but I still thought it was super fun!  Now that I have some of them saved as stickers, I'm going to build a few spreads around them in the next few weeks! 

If you are unfamiliar with Bitmoji, I suggest you download the app on a mobile device, create your Bitmoji avatar, and then have fun using them in your journal.  It feels like an awesome personal touch!  

Well, folks, that's it for this time!  I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've journaled so far this month, and if you feel so inclined, leave me a comment letting me know what you are excited about recording in your BuJo. 

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