A Review: Easy Canvas Prints

Hey everyone! I was approached by the nice folks at easycanvasprints.com to create a custom canvas using their services and then do a review of my experience.

Here's a little more about the company. They specialize in creating canvases you can hang on your wall, either using your own photo and customizing a canvas to suit your tastes, or you can buy a ready made canvas from their gallery. Since I did the custom canvas, I'll be touching primarily on that.  

Ordering a canvas was easy and took only four steps using their website.  You can see the process on their Photo to Canvas page.

1 - Choose a canvas size. Canvas sized range in size from 8 x 8 inches all the way up to 24 x 36 inches, or one has the option of ordering a custom size where the height and width can be entered. I was also prompted to choose the thickness of the canvas, where a choice of 3/4 or 1 1/2 inches was given. I opted to go with the 1 1/2 inches.

2 - Upload the Photo You Wish to Use. I myself chose a picture of a beautiful hilltop village we visited in France a few years ago. A suggested size of 180 to 240 DPI is suggested for the best image quality.

3 - Choose a Border Style.  There are three border styles (or the way you want the edges to look) that can be chosen from. They can be seen on the Pricing Options page if you scroll down a bit. You can choose either image wrap, mirror wrap, or colored border wrap. I thought the colored border wrap would look best with the photo I had chosen, so I went that style. They have a color wheel slider that one can use to customize the border color. I chose a cream border to go around my canvas:

4 - Choose Color and Effects/Finalize your order. At This point, you can choose add on services, like color tinting and retouching. They cost extra, but may be worth it to you if you have a nice photo that needs flaws removed, a sephia tint, and so on. I didn't use these extras, and chose to simply double check the options I'd chosen, and then proceed to check out.

The whole ordering process took me about fifteen minutes, and I received an estimate of when the canvas would arrive and a receipt through an email that arrived just a few minutes later.

If you have more questions about Easy Prints Canvases, feel free to check out their FAQ Page.

Canvases take about two weeks to arrive by mail.  Mine came a little sooner than that, and here's how the wall hanging looked when I removed it from the package:

The box the canvas comes in is specially designed to protect the canvas as it's shipping, and as you can see, my canvas was wrapped tightly in plastic to protect it from getting dusty or soiled.  The canvas was at one point securely held down with the brown packing tape shown.  However, when I opened the box, I could see that two sides of the canvas had wiggled lose at some point.  I was glad to see that the canvas hadn't sustained any damage, though. 

Upon removing the wall hanging from the packaging, everything looked great.   The resolution of the photo on the canvas is nice, and the back of the canvas has hardware in place so that I can hang it on the wall of my choice.

So how would I rate my satisfaction with Easy Canvas Prints?  I would say very good. I was happy with the ease of the ordering process and was incredibly pleased with the canvas I received.  There was that very small problem with the shipping tape coming undone during transit, but the canvas still arrived safe and sound.  I would still recommend this service to others. 

I love the way the canvas looks and it's currently inhabiting a spot that used to be quite lonely in our master bath: 

The folks at Easy Canvas Prints would also like me to let you know about a great deal they have going.  If you "like" them on their Facebook Page, you can get 50% off your next canvas order and free shipping, too!  On their page, click the "50% off + Free Shipping" tab on the left side of their fan page, and you can get started from there. 

Thanks for reading my review and have a good day. 


  1. That is wonderful, great photo that you picked!

  2. Awesome photo & great product review. I've been meaning to try a canvas print, this might be a good place to start!