Right Here, Right Now 1.24.14

If you've read my blog before, you know I think it's important to scrapbook about yourself.  My husband and kids show up on my pages most of the time, but I do make an appearance on layouts as well.  Sometimes, it's because I feel I can express what I want to say best on a page.  At others, I make layouts about myself so my kids see that I'm not just this person who washes dirty socks and makes them brush their teeth.  I kind of like them seeing me as a person with my own interests, goals, and ideas.

I've noticed lately, when my children look at my scrapbooks, it prompts them to ask more questions about our family, our history, and my husband and I.  All of this got me thinking that it might be fun to do some layouts a few times this year using a prompt of "Right Here, Right Now."  I'd like to create a page or two about myself (either something I'm going through, or feelings I want to express), or maybe about things that I'm into at the moment.  Or maybe there will be some random topic I feel like putting down either on an art journaling page or a digital scrapbooking page.   The title of the layouts will not necessarily be "Right Here, Right Now," but I think my ideas will still come across.   

So for today, I have two "Right Here, Right Now" types of layouts to show you.  The first one shows a small snapshot my life as it was just last month:

I like pages that come together fast like this one.  I just did a quick summary of the things that were making me happy (including finding and fitting into a pair of cute skinny jeans).  Sometimes, you don't have to have paragraphs of journaling to capture the happiness of the moment.  I used Kim Jensen's Me Right Now kit, which is such a fun one for doing pages about yourself.

Something I've recently discovered the joys of is make up.  Granted, I've always worn a little here and there, but it's been hit and miss so much over the last few years.  The make up I've had on hand was getting old and needed to be replaced so I hit the mall and some of the make up counters, and used this page to document my experience:

It was a little intimidating to walk into Sephora for the first time (I know...it's crazy that I've not been in before now), but it was fun at the same time.  Just a year ago, I wouldn't have ever thought I'd visit stores like that.  I'd been watching YouTube videos on products and application, as well as doing research on the web, so I figured it was time to bite bullet and go shopping.  I was actually able to apply it myself the next day and like how it looked...which I cannot say happened before now when I bought make up.   This is a small thing, of course, but it's been fun for me to play with make up and understand why so many other women love it.  I think pages about these little things we are interested in make our scrapbooks more fun and real to look at.  My tween daughter has been especially inrigued by all of this and was actually shocked to find out that I carry lip gloss just like she does...;)
If you like the kits I used, they are also from Kim Jensen: Frame-O-Mania-2 kit and Rhyme and Reason kit.

Thanks for spending time here today, and I'm curious:  What are you liking right now?  What things are you doing right here, right now?


  1. Fun pages! Great job in documenting yourself and your adventures in makeup :) I always wait until Sephora has their semi-annual sales to buy makeup…20% off! Right now, I'm just taking life easy before I start working a full-time job again in a few weeks. We'll see how that goes ;)

  2. Great job scrapbooking about yourself. I'm not great about scrapbooking me. All my pages are about my girls. That's fun that you like zumba it never caught on for me no coordination.

  3. You have a beautiful scrapbooking style, I especially love the second layout, awesome design!