Who Should Do Scrapbooking?

OK, so don't get me wrong...I'm not saying moms shouldn't scrapbook, because of course, I am one.  I love to scrapbook, and I always will.  However, I still think there's this misconception that only women with kids can scrapbook.   Why should that be?  Yes, I do think it's important for moms to document their children's lives, but what about their own lives?

And what about teens?  Wouldn't it be awesome if they found value in saving their memories?  The same thing can be said for singles, college students, grandparents, and so on, and so forth.  Don't misunderstand...I'm not trying to force it on anyone who would rather bullet journal, art journal, or whatever.

I just know that I love looking back through my albums to see my older pages, and to remember why I scrapped those pictures.  I am so glad I can look back and remember things I've almost forgotten about.

In the video above, I posted five reasons I think scrapbooking should hold more of an appeal for a wider audience:

1 - You Have Your Own Unique Story To Tell.
2 - You Don't Need To Be A Specific Age, Gender, Or In A Certain Life Situation to Benefit From Scrapbooking.
3 - Show Your Kids You Have Dreams, Aspirations, and Goals Outside of Your Role as a Parent.
4 - We May Not Always Remember Small (But Important) Details About Our Lives If We Don't Document Them.
5 - Include a Mix of Both Positive and Negative Experiences in Your Scrapbooks.

I hope you enjoy the video, and let me know your thoughts on this topic.  Do you scrapbook or do you choose not to?  Tell me what you think!

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