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 Do you ever miss the many different scrapbooking magazines that used to be available?  I used to see them so frequently, not only in the local scrapbooking store (aka LSS), but in pretty much every grocery store I frequented, bookstores, gas stations, and more.  Nowadays, it's harder to find them...thankfully, there's still Scrapbook & Cards Today.  I'm grateful for it, and love to read it, but I still get sad that there's only scrapbooking publication left.   Back in the day, when there were plenty to choose from,  I felt like the magazines were the best source for spotting papercrafting trends.

I know there's a ton of inspiration online, but just trying to find info on the current year's trends is a bit hard.  It feels like most posts or online articles about what's trending are focused on one brand, and I think that it's nice to be able to look across all the offerings available.  There was one blog I used to visit that had a series on trends, but they stopped posting about that about 2 years ago.

So, after doing my own research on this year's trends both in print and online,  I decided to do videos and blog featuring a current trend.   Here is my first video in this series, which showcases the "tropical" trend:

I created a Pinterest board for things I found that show the popularity of Tropical Chic, which does have scrapbooking layouts and cards, but also food ideas, home decor, jewelry, party favors, and more.  If you have any doubts as to how well-liked this trend is, the objects I've gathered here should put them to rest:

Pinterest board - Tropical

Since trends are seen across multiple areas, it's no surprise that it's also popped up into paper crafting.  I was easily able to find tropical- themed digital scrapbooking kits.  The one I chose to use for the projects I'm showing you today were made with the "Pineapple of My Eye" digital kit by Traci Reed and Jady Day Studio at Sweet Shoppe Designs:

Get The Pineapple of My Eye Kit Here

The first project I'm sharing here is my digital bullet journaling spread.  I imported a jpeg image of a single pineapple as well as a white ribbon with little pineapples on it.  I used the ribbon as a border and placed a little pineapple next to each day of the week.  From there, I just used my Apple pencil to doodle in the Morpholio Journal App and added the writing for each section of the spread.


Up next is this scrapbook page I made about a pool day we had during our DisneyWorld vacation.   The pool was at the Music Resort, and while it did have pools shaped like musical instruments,  the main feel was more tropical, so this kit was perfect. 

I couldn't resist using the kit to make a card...this pineapple element was calling to me, so here you go:

Here's the list of traditional supplies I used for this card.  If I couldn't find a link to a particular product, then I provided a link to one that's similar:

Pink Bazzill Cardstock
Recollections colored rhinestones
silk flower embellishments
a button from my stash.  You can use anything you have on hand...I fully encourage using your stash whenever you can.

I hope you guys enjoyed my take on the tropical trend...if you feel so inclined, go and try it out for yourself!

See you all later,

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