July 2017 Bullet Journal Spreads

Heya, everyone!  Wow...has your July been as busy as mine?   It started our for me with the Independence Day fun, and then continued on as I attended Brave Girl's Symposium.  I got to go and hear amazing speakers who shared messages of healing and validation, connect with other ladies from around the country (and in some cases, the globe), eat good food, do yoga, take part in break out sessions, shop, and rest.  It was a much needed break: 

If you wanna know more about Brave Girl's Symposium or Brave girls Club,  visit their website here.

I'm posting my bullet journal pages finally, now that the middle of the month has arrived...but ya'll understand, right?  I found out I was able to go to the symposium just days before it started, so I jumped at the chance to do so.  

Here are my pages for your viewing enjoyment...:-)

I've gotten into the habit of showing my monthly memories from the previous month in the next month's blog post and videos, since I don't create these spreads until the very end of the month.  It just makes more sense fore me right now  The monthly memories are my favorite and so fun to look back on.  This spread is also a great tool for me as I look back and go to scrapbook pages on these events and moments.   

This is the same idea as last month...I put my gratitude log and doodle-a-day on a spread.  I am using  Nicole's prompts for her blog, the Petite Planner, for this month's doodles.  Here is the link to her Instagram account where she posts these prompts:  Oodles of Doodles Challenge for July  You will have to scroll down just a bit to find the prompts, but they are there. 

Ok...you can see my completed mood tracker for June, and I love the way it turned out.  That spread is one of the prettiest I've done, and I will always be glad I did it.  However, it was still too visually confusing for me.  I can see that there were mostly good feelings there throughout the month, but still didn't give me what I wanted.   I'm hoping to see if there are one or two prevailing moods that are dominating my day-to-day life, so I chose to make thermometers for each mood.  I figure if I can see my moods side by side in this linear fashion, I can see which ones are prevailing and which ones are not.  If I see too many negatives getting more of my energy, then I want to be sure I change that.

Here are two weekly spreads based off of this spread from Zen of Planning.  It was not my original idea, so I wanted to give credit where it was due.  I modified it to suit my own taste.  I love both of them, but liked the second one even better since I prefer my spreads to stay a little cleaner.  I may just adopt the lower one to use consistently for awhile...it really seems to have everything I need and want in a weekly spread.

Here is the video I did to go along with this post.  I hope you'll watch if you have time: 

Other links you may find useful: 

Thanks for taking time to be here, and if you feel so inclined, let me know how you are doing in your digital or traditional bullet journal.  Are you trying anything new or sticking with your tried and true?  I'd love to hear from you.

Have a great day,

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