Plan With Me --- October 2017

Here I am, showing you my BuJo spreads for another month!  And don't fret if you are wanting digital layouts or hybrid cards...I promise those are coming as well!  But for now, here's my latest video:

Now, if you want a better look at each of my spreads, just keep reading. 

 Here are my first two weekly spreads for the month of October.  I've followed similar formats before, but remixed them with little ideas I had along the way, like the swirly box headings I added to the lower layout.  Lettering styles I used from my Pinterest board include Coeur (top spread) and Skinny Letters (lower layout).

As usual, I'm showing you this month's gratitude log and doodles.  Just to let you know, I created a printable that I used for this month's gratitude log...stay tuned for details on how to get that printable goody in an upcoming video and blog post.  I'm excited to share more about that!  

My doodles for this month are still based on Erin's prompts from her blog, The Petite Planner.  Instead of drawing out my grid, I downloaded one from her resource library.  You need to sign up for her email list, which you can do here.
This doodle sheet had a title, but I cropped it out in Morpholio and made my own heading, because I wanted to include my own hand lettering.  If the thought of hand lettering makes you queasy, you will probably prefer to keep the lovely lettered title that's already on the sheet.  

And finally, here is my spread for my October Memories. 

I just kind of quickly lettered the title --- it's not based off any lettering style I found online.  The monthly memories spreads are my favorite.  I love being able to look back and see what things made the month special. 

Thanks a ton for stopping by to read my post and enjoy your day!

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