Plan With Me For December 2017

Hello everyone and how is your December going?  I hope your holiday season is enjoyable for you so far, no matter what special day(s) your are celebrating.   This month is busy for me, as expected, but it has been pleasant at the same time.  And, because I want this season to remain a happy time and not get too crazy, I decided to keep my bullet journal simple with fewer entries.  And, like last month, my spreads may look a bit atypical.  I won't have any weekly logs and have replaced them with other types of entries that work better for me at this time.

I used the Holiday Memories Planner Stickers Digital kit, by Little Bit Shoppe, on some of these spreads. You can find this store at the DigiChick digital scrapbooking site.   You can watch my planning video here:

If you'd like a good look at my pages,  here you go:

My holiday "brain dump" page will stand in for my weekly spreads.  I would rather just have a place to write down things I think of spontaneously and need to get done.  This list will be comprised of non-Christmas tasks, appointments, and other things that I need to remember and get done.  None of the weeks in December will be like my "normal" weekdays, I think I will find it easier to just have one place to write down things I want to do during the month.

This is another spread that I think will serve me better than weekly spreads this time around.  I have a running to do list of things related to the holidays that I want to get done.  Having my holiday tasks separate from my everyday chores and appointments helps me to not feel so overwhelmed, and I can check them off as I go. 

Additionally, when I get bogged down between daily and holiday to do lists, I often forget fun things I want to do like watch my favorite Christmas movies and shows, and making treats with the kids often goes out the window.   I'm glad to have this written down in one spot so the fun stuff won't get neglected. 

I love advent calendars and counting down the days, so I couldn't resist putting one in my BuJo.   I decided to write down one scripture a day through Christmas.  If scriptures are not your thing, you could easily write down a holiday quote daily, or holiday song lyrics, or your favorite things about the holidays.  This page spread is easy to customize. 

Remember when I said I would be doing fewer spreads?  Well, that's all of them for now. 

My goal for my next blog post is to show you how I'm setting up my Journal Your Christmas album for the 2017 season.  Stay tuned for that and it's coming as soon as I can pull it all together!

Enjoy the magic of this great time of year!

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