A Digital Bullet Journal Using Morpholio Journal App

You guys, I am so sorry!  I forgot to get this blog post up after I made the accompanying video.  It kind of got lost as I was spending time with my family after the passing of my dad.

Anyhow, I just wanted to you to know I did remember and here's the lowdown on my digital bullet journal.  I wasn't sure which app I wanted to use for a project like this. I tried note taking apps at first, like Notability and Evernote's Penultimate, but neither of those were really ideal for me.  When tried using them, I found that each page in the journal was a completely separate document.  And while that was OK, it wasn't optimal.  I wanted an app that had the look and feel of a book, where I could flip through the pages.

I went back to the App Store and finally found an app called Morpholio Journal.  It is made to look like a Moleskine journal, and soon, the ability to have a digital journal printed off will be available.
This app has some great features, which I will show you in the video below:

Here's the link if you wish to get this app for yourself:  Morpholio Journal App

I use the app on my iPad Pro with my Apple Pencil, but you don't have to have either one.  You can use an older iPad and any stylus that will work with it.  I have a list of styli that are compatible with older iPads: alternative styli for iPads

Also, I used a couple of PDF from ETSY, and a "Hello 2017" title and the February Habit Tracker pages that I found on the BOHO Berry blog.  Here are links to those items:

Year at a Glance Calendar PDF
Boho Berry Tribe (Be aware that you need to join the blog's mailing list to access to the title and tracker pages as well as the rest of Kara's (the blog owner) free and awesome goodies.  This is a list that is worth your time, so I recommend you giving it a try).  Kara is amazing bullet journaler, and her content is fabulous, so check her out.

Here's a few photos of the bullet journal pages, if I showed if you wanna get a better look at them:

January Memories:

January Gratitude Log:

One of my February Weekly Logs: 

I've appreciate the comments I've seen on YouTube, and welcome any constructive comments you guys would like to leave here.  Thanks so much for spending part of your day here...:)

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